Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

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Learn the basics of ASL for just $35 with these customer-favorite online courses. (Photo: StackCommerce)

Looking to become bilingual? Maybe you should try something a little unexpected. One of the best — and most unique — languages to study is American Sign Language, not just for its rich history but because it’s a way to make your community more inclusive. In the United States, ASL is the fifth most used language and there are over 37 million people considered deaf or hard of hearing.

If you’re intrigued, check out these top-rated online ASL classes in the All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle, which boasts 13 courses and 590 lessons perfect for beginners. It’s just $35 right now, down from $618. That’s a wild 94% off!

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Why learn ASL?

Learning American Sign Language is fun and easy with this online training. (Photo: StackCommerce)

As a hearing person who has learned sign language, you’ll be poised to communicate with friends and family of nearly any age who are deaf, hard of hearing or non-verbal; volunteer with the deaf community; or even become a sign language interpreter for the government or performers.

Lately, there’s been increased discussion of teaching American Sign Language in schools. Some school districts now permit it to be accepted as a foreign language requirement. Making basic ASL conversations as accessible as Spanish in school could be the first step toward better communication between the deaf and hearing communities across regions and age groups.

Everything you’ll study in these online ASL classes

Waiting for a sign to learn ASL? This $35 training is it. (Photo: StackCommerce)

Now it’s easier than ever to learn ASL online thanks to the All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle. Its courses include 29 hours of training led by well-reviewed instructors who can help you immerse yourself in a vibrant culture and introduce you to the beauty of this visual language. And you can access the courses forever! You’ll receive content like:

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