Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

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Whether you are in contact with Deaf or Hard Of Hearing people, or if you’d like to bring ASL or Baby Sign Language into your family’s daily routine, here is a list of sign language books for toddlers, and introductory books about Black American Sign Language (BASL).

My Journey With Sign Language Books

Sometime in the middle of this pandemic — do not ask me exactly when, because what is time anymore — I decided to start learning sign language. It wasn’t the same as picking up a hobby per se, but it seemed something useful to occupy my time, especially when masks became a daily item, and communication for Deaf and Hard Of Hearing people became even less accessible. 

I started by trying to learn American Sign Language; I speak mostly in English, and there are a lot of online resources and YouTube channels focused on teaching ASL. 

Living in the Netherlands, I soon realised it would make more sense to learn Sign Language Of The Netherlands. Although the online resources are fewer, I was able to start an online course, which I am still following (sign language is a bit like any other language: it is fun, but it is also tough learning it when you don’t really have anyone to practise with. Before any Sign Language Duolingo owls come for me, just know I’m doing my best). 

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