Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

SEFFNER, FLA – This week’s A+ Teacher is dedicated to helping her students communicate. Candice Bancroft is a Pre-K deaf and hard-of-hearing teacher at Colson Elementary School. She’s been a teacher for 20 years and has been teaching at Colson for six years.

In Bancroft’s classroom, they use sign language while speaking. Bancroft says the kids do a lot of language-based activities. She works with them one on one and in small groups.

She says she loves seeing the kids make progress.

“At the end of the year, they’re just blossoming. They’re telling you about their home life, what they’ve done over the weekend. It’s really nice to see their progression,” said Bancroft.

She makes such a big difference in her students’ lives.

“She kind of treats them like she’s their mom in some cases. And the best thing is she can articulate whatever the kids are trying to articular to us adults who may not understand them at times. She makes sure they’re understood,” said Lakisha Woodfork, the school’s assistant principal.

Ms. Bancroft connects with her students, builds relationships and creates an environment where they feel included.

“Everybody is a family. We take care of each other. We make sure that everybody has a part in this community,” said Bancroft.​