Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

As part of their ongoing focus on cultural and language diversity, the local artist collective AAEX (Art as Exchange) have teamed up with up with Chime, the National Charity for Deafness and Hearing Loss to develop a series of Irish Sign Language Art Classes suitable for members of the deaf community and others who use sign language, but anyone with an interest in learning more about ISL is also welcome.

The programme, coordinated by AAEX member Susan Farrelly and supported by the An Táin Artist Assemble programme, started with a fun workshop in which artists Bernhard Gaul and Catherine McCourt invited participants to create spin art by pouring paint onto paper mounted on a rotating table and colourful random artworks made by dipping string into paint and pulling it out sandwiched between two sheets of paper.

There are three more workshops coming up, “Hands On” drawing with Geraldine Martin, working with clay hosted by ceramic artist Jane Campbel and conceptual photography with Julie orcoran. The dates are 19th February, 5th and 19th March, all at 10 am at the An Táin Arts Centre.

The art classes are suitable for all ages over 10 years, although children will need to be accompanied. The classes are free but need to be booked. Early booking is advised. For further information see


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