Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

By Express News Service

VILLUPURAM: A 50-year-old speech and hearing impaired man and his wife on Monday submitted a petition by sign language, seeking employment benefits, during the grievance day meeting held in Villupuram Collectorate.

Collector D Mohan listened to the grievance using a sign language interpreter, and ordered the immediate redressal of their issue.

According to official sources, Mubarak —  the petitioner from Sitherikarai in Villupuram town — had been working in the United Arab Emirates until lockdown. He returned home during the pandemic last year but since shifting to Villupuram, he and his wife were unable to find jobs in the town.

According to official sources, both the husband and wife were unable to speak, Collector Mohan insisted that their woes be expressed in sign language in order to not let them feel excluded from other petitioners. So, a sign language interpreter from the differently abled welfare department was asked to interpret Mubarak’s petition.

Official sources said that the Collector had ordered departmental officials to redress Mubarak’s grievance by posting him at clerical level in the Collectorate.


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