Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

FULTON School for the Deaf primary learners will perform their annual school play for audiences on Friday, September 23 and Monday, September 26.

Directed by Fulton School staff and performed with great enthusiasm by the learners, the annual play is an event not to be missed. Roald Dahl’s Matilda will have you tapping your feet and waving your hands in silent applause. The play that is based on the book and subsequent movie follows a young girl’s journey through hardships and challenges in her family and at school, before she ultimately finds happiness.

The school play forms part of various fundraising projects for the government school, which houses and educates 117 deaf learners from pre-primary level to matric.

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Caroline Fouchee, the school’s financial officer, says that it is of benefit to the deaf child to begin tuition as early as possible in order to teach them sign language, allowing ease of communication and education. This is the reason that they have many young learners on campus. According to Fouchee, approximately 70% of the learners are non-fee-paying which is why fundraising is vital for the institution.

“Because this is specialised education, and the school’s intake covers such a broad area, we can’t simply refer them to another school. Our appeal for public support for our funding projects is important, as there could be a business or individual who might consider sponsoring one learner. If a financial donation is not possible, it would be wonderful for donors to consider sponsoring one learner’s school uniform, stationery or personal hygiene products, as these are all costs borne by the school. We have a benevolent fund and are finding that we need to help an increased number of learners from the fund. Small donations will make a huge difference,” says Fouchee.

The main house on the school property is where reception and the admin offices are located. PHOTO: Sandy Woods

The school was established in 1959 when retired Winston Park couple, Mr and Mrs JK Fulton, donated their property, which included the main house and several buildings, for the purpose of founding a school for deaf children. The school opened with three students.


Date: September 23 and 26, at 09:00

Venue: Fulton School for the Deaf, 8 Roosevelt Road, Clifton Park, Gillitts.

Tickets: R20 each and further donations welcome.

Popcorn and crafts will be available to purchase on the day.

RSVP: [email protected] or 072 844 4806

Donation information

Bank: First National Bank, Name: Fulton School for the Deaf, Account number: 59400014335, Branch code: 250655


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