Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Principal Magistrate Muhammad Krubally, who is also the Chairman of The Gambia Federation of the Disabled has urged the Government of The Gambia to support and employ sign language interpreters in schools and public institutions to ensure the equal flow of information.

Magistrate Krubally was speaking at a meeting organised by the Association of Deaf Muslim Gambia (ADMG) at Supreme Islamic Council premises when he made the remarks.

He said deaf and hard of hearing people are the most underrepresented among persons living with disability because they do not have access to information.

“We expect no discrimination. There should be full participation from them in our society and before doing that we should make them feel part of us by allowing them have access to information. The only way that can be possible is by employing sign language interpreters so that they can feel connected to the rest of us,” he said.

He noted that the rights of the deaf and hard of hearing are essential, saying Government must respect them and make sure employment is provided for them.

“We are all equal under the eyes of God and should be treated equally and communicated to efficiently,” he added.

Binta Nyagando, Public Relations Officer (PRO) for ADMG said the purpose of the association is to empower Islamic awareness through sign language and establish interconnection among deaf Muslims around the globe.

She called for Government support and presence during their activities as well as invite them to theirs to avoid them feeling neglected.

The association will in December host the International Conference of Deaf Muslim (ICDM).

The association therefore called for support from all and sundry in ensuring the success of the event.


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