Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

When learning languages, we come to appreciate their beauty — the musicality, the inflections, the ebb and flow of words. Italian and Spanish, in particular, come to mind.

But arguably the most beautiful language is American Sign Language, not only because of the physicality of the movements but because “speaking” it involves so much more than the hands. It encompasses the movement of a person’s arms, body, and facial expressions to convey both emotion and grammatical information.

Many of the gestures are commonplace, but as with any language, it goes beyond just words.

This All-in-One American Sign Language Course Bundle is going to help you understand grammar and syntaxes, taking you from beginner to expert with over 29 hours of training.

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ABCs, colors, animals, numbers, foods and drinks, family signs, feelings, professions, verbs, and key nouns … these are the basics that you would first learn in any language, and ASL is no different.

As you become familiar with the basic concepts of ASL, you will learn how to create unique phrases, complete sentences, and useful mini-dialogues. You will delve into the grammar and become skilled at expressing a variety of emotions.

You will even expand into the area of business, with basic business-related terminology and vocabulary.

Not every word has a direct translation in ASL. There may be times when you have to or prefer to, manually spell out words, notably people’s names, places, titles, and brands, to name a few.

This course will teach you to sign, recognize and understand fingerspelled words, as well as to combine them with vocabulary signs to create entire sentences.

You will have to think fast, and you will have to think accurately, but just imagine how this is going to improve your overall spelling skills!

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