Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
Ashleigh Hill’s daughter is profoundly deaf

BENTON, Tennessee (WDEF) – A local mom has gained a national following for insisting her family use sign language.

Ashleigh Hill of Polk County has taken a vow of silence with her family, insisting they only communicate with sign language.

Ashleigh herself is hard of hearing and last year she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl diagnosed with hearing loss.

Ashleigh said her daughter is profoundly deaf.

Her daughter’s name is Gamora.

Ashleigh’s tik tok page – Sign with Gamora – has over 63 thousand followers and nearly 2 million likes.

“I turn my voice off now I only sign with my family and they’re all starting to learn and I’m so proud. My daughter, you can see the difference, she lights up. I’m sorry I’m going to start crying. She sees their hands just move and move and their hands just moving. And she’s loving all the attention.”

Ashleigh said she will start speaking with her family again when they are fluent in sign language.


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