Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Perhaps you remember Andersen’s famous fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling”? About how the birds on the farm paid absolutely no attention to the strange chick, and then were incredibly shocked when he grew into a beautiful strong swan and left the farm, to everyone’s admiration?

But what if the tale developed differently, and even when the beautiful swan grew up, he was still considered an ugly duckling? And, like in childhood, completely ignored? The great storyteller did not foresee such a plot – though it is, by the way, quite realistic.

For example, just read this popular thread in the AITA Reddit community, which has amassed nearly 13K upvotes and over 1.4K miscellaneous comments – mostly in support of the Original Poster. No, the plot is not quite classic, but it’s no less interesting.

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The Original Poster and his wife live across the country from his relatives and contact them rarely

Image source: daveynin (not the actual photo)

So, the OP and his wife live across the country from his relatives, and neither of them have sought to communicate regularly, getting together only on rare significant occasions like weddings or funerals.

Image source: throwawaysecchild

The OP and his wife are deaf from birth and the man was ignored by relatives since his very childhood

The thing is that the OP and his wife are deaf from birth, and while the woman was lucky with relatives, her husband was practically ignored since his childhood. That is, the child was fed, dressed, taken to school – but nothing more. No one tried to make friends with him, to delve into his inner world – and this is actually very insulting.

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