Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

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Called Alphabet Lens , they teach you how to spell your name with your fingers, practice the alphabet of sign language and test your skills through various games, all using technology that captures the movement of your hands.

Thomas Trutschel | Getty Images

“We’re constantly working to expand the ways Snapchat users can express themselves and connect through our camera,” Snapchat stated. The creation of these glasses was supervised by the hearing-impaired members of the team.

In a world in which social inclusion is given more and more importance, linguistic inequity is still a reality, hence the importance of developing this type of technology that is committed to bringing together a community as important as the people. deaf and hard of hearing.

“We think it can help evolve the way we communicate,” Snap said on its blog. “We look forward to learning more from our community as we continually try to improve everyone’s experience on Snapchat.”

In addition to these glasses, Snapchat had already joined forces with SignAll before, because during the International Deaf Week last September, they launched several stickers and three augmented reality glasses that helped the
learning the basic spellings of sign language. According to the application, this launch is part of the constant work they do “to expand the ways in which Snapchat users can express themselves and connect through our camera.”


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