Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Did you know – there are 30 million hearing impaired people in the United States?

Get your non-verbal cues in order and learn sign language this summer!

Ellwood City radio station 107.3 WXED is offering a basic american sign language class starting in July.

The easy, fun, and affordable class will take place across four Saturdays in July, beginning on Saturday, July 9th.  Classes will be from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the radio station headquarters located at 316 Sixth Street, Ellwood City, PA 16117.

Cost for the class is $40.00.

To register, or for further information, please contact Mary Ann Shaner at 724-272-4025. To learn more about the radio station, visit

Need more encouragement to join? Here are some more reasons to learn:

  • Parents, grandparents and caregivers of babies, toddlers and children of any age become less frustracted being able to sign several basic watns and needs. The Mayo Clinic concluded that this is a positive way of expression. Motor skills develop before verbal skills.
  • Seniors become more vibrant, alert, and mentally engaged by exercising memory. Learning something new is helpful in developing cognitive improvement.
  • Achieve social interaction
  • “Scout” groups can earn a sign language badge
  • Learning a few pertinent words and sentences can save a life when warranted. “You – out – fire,” “Where are you hurt,” and “Please help, hurry!” are a few examples.





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